RIBA Northumbria Student Appraisal Document 2013

Northumbria University’s Architecture course
is accredited by the RIBA as a recognised
architecture course. Every four years, the
school is visited by the RIBA.
This document reflects the students views,
opinions and feedback on the Architecture
course at Northumbria University.
The brief stated that the document must be no more
than two sides of A4 and must contain the five themes
of representation, links with profession, facilities,
contact time and course structure. The previous
Student Appraisal Documents were text heavy, this
updated version demonstrates the high graphical
standard of the students.
Much research was conducted in order to collect
and represent the various countries students went to
work for Part I placements.
Surveys were also conducted to gain qualitative and
quantitative feedback of contact time and course
structure. Both positive and negative comments
were incorporated into the document to gain a true
reflection of students opinions.
The images on the right show the RIBA Exhibition.
Over a period of a month, Selected students works
to represent all the years were printed, mounted and
displayed. A small team of people were managed to
ensure that the exhibition would be completed in time
of the RIBA visiting board.


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