Biophilia forms a masterplan project for South Shields. The site comprises of parkland, developed to generate food for the town through permaculture, aquaponics and jardin potager.
Located between the eastern edge of the town and the coast, the site comprises of parkland sloping steeply down to the dunes and thence the North Sea.
Dividing this site into linear jardin potager of between 1 & 1.5 acres, for groups of 30 to 40 terraced houses.
The proposed “community share allotment” to generate all of the fruit and vegetables sufficient for all of the households each year. These allotments can be maintained by 120 hours of labour per week from the local community.
Four biomes act as fish hatcheries and nurseries and as greenhouses housing aquaponics growing tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and salad crops utilising the nutrients in fish waste. Seasonal changes bring new varieties to harvest in the
permaculture garden. Excess fruit and vegetables are sold in the market place.

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